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MC2 Metal Conditioner

What is MC² (Metal Conditioner Squared)?

Metal Conditioner Squared or MC² is an anti-friction metal conditioner and works differently than regular additives. It utilizes nanotechnology to bond to metal and fill in microscopic pits and grooves making the metal smooth. In doing this, MC² lowers the coefficient of friction, lowers operating temperatures, increases efficiency and even increases the surface hardness of the metal. MC² is compatible with lubricants such as petroleum and synthetic oils, greases, automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids. 

Wicked Garage is Eastern Canada’s Exclusive Distributor

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  • MC² is a synthetic additive designed to be used with any moving metal parts.
  • MC² is not an oil additive.
  • MC² utilizes nanotechnology to bond to ferrous metal, Titanium, and Aluminum to produce a smooth low friction surface.
  • ASTM D3233B, ASTM D2596 & ASTM E348-10 proves
    • Lower coefficient of friction
    • Reduction of heat and wear
    • Enhanced efficiency and surface hardness
  • MC² can be used in your vehicles engine, transmission, and power steering.  Great for heavy equipment engines, transmissions, gears, and hydraulics.  


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