This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 has a small block 350 with  a 4-speed stick. This car came in for a little TLC and got much more! We swapped leaf springs to deal with a sagging rear end. We also repaired the front grille to fix a few cracks. Some exhaust relocation remedied a problem with scraping on the rear axle. We also found a few very large holes underneath the car made by some suspicious transmission work. We ended up fabricating a new transmission tunnel section so that the shifter sat correctly and also closed up a hole under the gas pedal. The manual transmission also had the incorrect clutch fork so we changed that as well. We also replaced the flywheel and clutch. At the end of it all we tuned the carburetor to sort out the engine and tweaked the jets and re-set the timing. Other than a few other minor things we did this Z/28 was now much safer and easier to shift.

It’s been in the shop twice now and the second time around it got new brakes and a few panels replaced and repainted.

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