Here’s a really beautiful 2011 Camaro SS with “Synergy” green paint but this car isn’t the special edition model it’s a true V8 – SS model with the same exterior color as the 2010 special edition. This won’t stop us from changing a few things to make this car look WICKED. The biggest change will be to the stock wheels as we had them powder coated satin black. We are also installing Halo LED lighting into the factory headlights and fog lights. There will also be an LED array in the mail slot. Some other minor tweaks are: ghosted LED marker lights, remove the Camaro emblems from the front fenders, remove the Chevy bow tie emblems from the grill and rear bumper valance, smoke the tail lights and backup lights, green LED accent lighting inside the car, and blacked out calipers and exhaust tips. This will really clean up the appearance of this car!


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