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Project Planning

Every good project requires a good plan and at WICKED GARAGE we like to manage our projects with specific goals in mind. Our goal is to be as organized as possible to help keep the project moving forward, be honest to our customers, and perform our work to the highest level.

So here are the steps that we like to follow to ensure each and every project is completed on budget and in a timely manner:

Initial Consultation:

Project Consultation

Because every project is completely unique determining the cost of a project is the most difficult part of the planning process. The first step is to meet with you and your vehicle to discuss the project in detail. After this meeting we will then have a project meeting at Wicked Garage and discuss it in detail. Before we commit to the project we will need to determine if we can manage the project with regards to your desires, budget and timeline. Depending on the scope of the project, in many cases it is impossible for us to prepare an estimate.

Ball Park” estimates:

We are often asked if we can give a “Ball Park” or rough estimate for the cost on a project. In most cases it is impossible to do this especially on a major project or ground up restoration because there are so many variables when it comes to rebuilding a vehicle. Some of these variables are unknown until the car has been disassembled and/or we get it down to bare metal. There may be rust issues, missing and/or damaged parts. Some of these parts may be difficult to find and may need to be fabricated and in either case additional time is required. Even if a part is located the quality of the part may require additional work to satisfy our quality requirements.

If a shop gives a “ball park” estimate to customer there is a likelihood that the project will stall because too much (unbilled) time will be needed to complete it. Or there are corners cut to meet timelines and this is bad for a shop and terrible for a customer. Most importantly if a ball park estimate is given it is typically inaccurate and over-estimated to the point that it costs the customer more money.

So the goal here is to prevent two things from happening, overcharging which affects the customer’s budget, and under billing which affects our business. Both of these scenarios can be equally devastating.
This is why Wicked Garage will only start projects based on “By the hour” billing.

By The Hour Billing:

Since it is impossible for us to determine a cost before a project gets started we initially manage projects with “by the hour” billing on all labor. We cannot write a comprehensive project plan for the vehicle until it is completely disassembled and stripped of all coatings. Once the car is stripped down we can then draw up a comprehensive project plan on the project in keeping with the customers’ desires and budget.

The Project Plan:

A successful project plan will focus on many key areas some of which are: budget analysis, written project plan, accurate timekeeping, and documentation (invoices and photos). We will meet with you to discuss your budget and requirements for your project then detail them in writing for review. Once the project plan is reviewed by Wicked Garage and the customer, scheduling can then begin for the project. Timekeeping practices are done on a daily basis to ensure very accurate records. We document all work performed using QuickBooks as well as photographing every aspect of the project.
While their project is underway we always seek customer approval for any changes to the original project plan.

Build progress:

ProgressDuring the build process there is always additional time spent to consult with customers but this additional time will not be billed at our full shop rate. Additional time may be required for additional consultation, changes to the original project plan, or special or missing parts ordering. This extra will be billed to the project at a rate of exactly fifty percent (50%) of the current labour rate or at a pre-determined cost per hour.

At regular intervals we provide you with detailed billing invoices. We will also post pictures of the project online to detail all of the work as it is being done. All photos are owned by Wicked Garage but can be supplied to you at the end of the build for your records.

Please read our terms and conditions for specific details about how we do business.