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All of us at WICKED GARAGE are always looking for cool stuff for our own garages and homes. We decided to selectively carry some of the best items available and stock them in our showroom. So check back often to see what other WICKED things we’ll be adding to our inventory…

Wicked Garage Skull & Wrenches T-Shirt

We are always expanding our Wicked Garage Gear brand and do so by offering quality T-shirts, Golf Shirts, ball caps, and tuques or beanies. We also have pens and key chains. Check back often to see what other cool gear we’re going to add to our inventory!

Vintage and retro tin signs

Or choose from a wide range of reproduction Vintage Metal Signs ON SALE FOR $20.00 EACH OR TWO SIGNS FOR $30.00

MC² uses nano-technology to bond to the moving metal parts of your engine, transmission, and differential.

MC² drastically reduces fuel-robbing friction and protects against wear and tear.
Stop losing money on fuel and repairs by using (MC²)

Pricing starts at $15.99